About the Croatian cluster of competitiveness of creative and cultural industries

Creativity and culture are the most important natural resources, the resources of our country, whose driving force has to be harnessed. But, only when they are given the special importance and are recognized as a development potential of the country there will be space to become as indicated. With this idea, on the initiative of the Ministry of Economy of Croatia, the Croatian Cluster of Competitiveness of Creative and Cultural industries – CCCCCI (HKKKKI) is formed.


Formed by the principle of triple coils intertwined with economy, public administration and scientific research sector, Croatian Cluster of Competitiveness of Creative and Cultural Industries reflects its mediation in internal organization, which aims at developing the communication and cooperation between sectors and networking of representatives of industry, government and academic research institutions.
The cluster is further broken down by activity in 12 sectors;

  • Architecture
  • Advertising
  • Electronic media
  • Computer games and new media
  • Music
  • Design (fashion, graphics, interior design and product)
  • Applied art
  • Art (writing,, visual and performing arts)
  • Libraries
  • Museums and heritage
  • Film
  • Photography and publishing

Priority areas of the Cluster:

  1. Provide stronger support for research and development activities, innovation, experimentation and entrepreneurship in the creative and cultural industries
  2. Improving access to finance
  3. Human Resource Development
  4. Strengthening the institutional and infrastructural support in the development of creative and cultural industries
  5. Accelerate the spill-over effects of creative and cultural industries to other industries and society at large